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Marietta--a girl whose goal is to become a jewelry designer, devot 5d3b920ae0

Title: Witch Ring Meister
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Inu to Neko
Starship Studio

English,Japanese,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese

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Not a lot of reviews out there, so I'll add a bit. I've played Nono's and Soul Smith, from the same developer, and while this game has similar elements, it is a bit less idle than the others. High level overview, you manage a magic ring shop and employee crafters, who make your rings, and jewelers, who provide your material supply for crafters. Materials are a lump sum, acquired each month by jewelers and used in increasing amounts as your rings go up in quality and value. There is a balance element to employing crafters who allow you to increase value & quality while also employing jewelers who can give you the lump sum needed for the month, as well as providing passive effects. To this point, it doesn't differ greatly from Nono's or Soul Smith. As rings become old, sales drop off almost entirely and this is where the game is a bit different. Instead of "adventuring" for new recipes and materials, as in Nono's, you can play a match game to create rings. You need to match enough "work" tiles to meet the work requirement, while also matching magic tiles that improve the 5 magic types of the ring (quality of the ring, as well as "advice" tiles, which give you points you can use on a wide range of passive traits that boost ring quality, hireable employee quality, sales, customer patience, and various aspects of the matching game. As ring quality goes up, work tile needs also increase, so you need to continue to increase your store's "technology" rank via crafters, store facilities that can be built, and a growing catalog of your past rings that contribute to your stats. If not, you are likely to fail the matching game and not have inventory. You have a bit of control over the difficulty of your new rings' matching games. Retired rings can be used as samples (templates) for your new rings, so you can choose to maintain the same quality level or slowly elevate the sample quality as your stats increase. This is a unique aspect of the game, so I felt it is worth addressing for anyone considering purchase. There are also visual novels, but they feel a bit less connected to overall gameplay than Nono's, to me. That said, they are well developed. The game is idle in 5 minute bursts (longer if you don't care about sales drop offs), but so far, it has been an enjoyable business management sim that allows the user to increase risk/reward at one's own pace.

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